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From: Norbert Martinez <>
to: Renzo Angles <>, Orri Erling <>, Alex Averbuch <>,
date: July 23, 2013 at 16:39
subject: Concall 31/07

Hi all,
Next wednesday 31th, July at 3PM we will have a follow-up concall to review the status of the interactive online workload. Among others we will talk about:
- queries
- substitution parameters
- BSBM/BIBM software at GITHUB
- documentation: query specification, how to use guide, etc...


Participants: Norbert, Alex, Mirko, Renzo

Lead: Norbert

* queries

asks Mirko about the specification of the queries of the interactive workload.

is finishing the specification of the queries according to the data schema.

Norbert: what about queries 2 and 9? (queries 5 and 8 are ready)

needs to talk with Orri about this queries.

the queries are in SPARQL virtuoso. Is it ok?

in the last concall we agree to use virtuoso SPARQL as an example in the specification.

* substitution parameters

- Mirko: the dbgen could generate an additional file with samples or metadata.

we agree with including a file with test data.
We discuss about the structure and characteristics of the file.

Alex: the generator is deterministic?
Norbert: we need to review this issue.

Norbert ask Mirko to define the parameter as soon as possible.
We need a concall to talk about the parameters.
Then we can design and implement the test data file.

all: thing about requirements for substitution parameters and test data
Mirko: to complete the specification of the queries and the requirements for test data
Renzo: to create a ticket in JIRA with this task.
Alex: to implement the driver for neo4j

Next concall: August 2, 10:00 - 11:00

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