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Concall to discuss about the generation of test data

Participants: Norbert, Alex, Mirko, Renzo
lead: Norbert

propose a file with the following structure in XML

 <persons maxID="5000"/>
 <posts from="2005-01-01T12:00:00Z" to="2006-12-31T12:00:50Z"/>
 <workFrom from="2004-12-31T12:00:50Z" to="2007-01-01T12:00:00Z">

comments some changes in the specification of the queries and the requirements for test data.

Alex: it is necessary that the DBGEN provides informations about the distributions.
For example, how frequent a location is.

Norbert. It will be considered as a future improvement.

recommends JSON instead of XML
one single file with all the information
including the data from the dictionaries (e.g., countries)

we agree the use of JSON

check the following files to select to test data

comments about the CSV files.

We return with this on september.
We need the queries at the end of august.
Virtuoso and Dex must run the benchmark on September.

holidays: Norbert 3 weeks, Alex available, Mirko two weeks, Renzo available.

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