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Concall to discuss about the design and implementation of the workload generator for interactive queries.

(as required by Peter in the last monthly concall)

Participants: Larri, Norbert, Orri, Alex, Duc, Renzo
Leads: Renzo

Current roadmap
SNA Roadmap M7-M12

28-Jun-13       On-line workload specified and fully documented NEO
31-May-13       ON-LINE: First set of queries (draft)   OGL
14-Jun-13       ON-LINE: Final set of queries.  OGL
28-Jun-13       ON-LINE: workload generator, qualification scale factor and substitution parameters for system validation       OGL
Please, read the roadmap and adjust it according to current state.

asks Orri about the definition of the interactive workload and the development of the workload generator.

is preparing the structure of the structure of the workload.
He is waiting for the hierarchy of locations in the data.
Having this, he is going to implement the workload generator.

The RDF format of the DBGEN is almost ready.
We will to Orri the RDF samples files.

He will implement the workload generator by extending the BSM driver.
It will be done by Mirko .

confirm that the BSBM test driver can be reused.

do we use the BSM driver?
It is implemented to SPARQL and JDBC.
What about the other systems?

proposes to define an interface in java with the queries, parameters and the data.
He isxpressing the queries in SPARQL with particular modifications.

we discuss about some requirements of Orri for the data, in particular the denormalization of ip, cities, and countries.
We agree that it is not necessary.

comments that he is also working in a test driver for Neo4j.
He is working with the CSV version of the DBGen.
It is necessary to review the consistency of the CSV files with the data schema.

- Renzo: sent information to Orri (cc Mirko) about the data schema and the RDF sample files.
- Orri: implementation of the workload generator (supported by Mirko)
- Alex, Norbert and Renzo : decision about the high-level query representation

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