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LDBC is pleased to announce its Twelfth Technical User Community (TUC) meeting.

LDBC Technical User Community meetings serve to (1) learn about progress in the LDBC task forces on graph benchmarks and graph standards, (2) to give feedback on these, and (3) hear about user experiences with graph data management technologies or (4) learn about new graph technologies from researchers or industry – LDBC counts Oracle, IBM, Intel, Neo4j, TigerGraph and Huawei among its members.

This TUC meeting will be a one-day event in Intel's Hillsboro Campus on June 19 (Friday), 2020.

Note also that this day is also the last day of the SIGMOD/PODS 2020 conference which is held in Portland. On Sunday, June 14, there is a research workshop on graph data management technology called GRADES-NDA 2020, that may be of interest to our audience (this generally holds for the whole SIGMOD/PODS program, of course).

We welcome all users of RDF and Graph technologies to attend. If you are interested to attend the event, please, contact Damaris Coll (UPC) at to register;

=> registration is free, but required <=

More details coming soon...

Update: We are monitoring the global situation regarding COVID-19 and the respective actions of SIGMOD 2020. We still plan to hold the meeting - if an in-person meeting is not possible, the meeting will be held online.

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