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Welcome to the LDBC Technical User Community portal!

The LDBC Technical User Community (TUC) represents one of the dimensions in which the LDBC project will engage with the public, namely, commercial or large scale users of RDF and graph databases. The TUC initiative seeks to engage users for the purpose of understanding how current technology is limiting what can be done, i.e. to find the scales, problems and practices that prevent users from achieving their goals. From these limitations (or choke-points) the LDBC consortium will extract the essence of 'hard' problems. This information will be fed in to the benchmark development process, so that real user problems will guide the development of benchmarks. In order to perform well on these new benchmarks, vendors will need to innovate to improve their products. These improvements will in turn lead to better performance in the kind of problems relevant to users.

The engagement plan for the TUC includes:

  • face-to-face meetings with users;
  • open workshops at relevant conferences.

The output of the TUC process will be datasets, queries, operational patterns, queries and any other material that captures users' current problematic experiences.

All users of RDF and graph database technology are welcome to be involved in the LDBC TUC.


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