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use cases

Dshini: transactional workload only

  • might get access to a query log and/partial dataset at neo4j
  • provide comments on the query set of the interactve workload


  • 1-page scenario

data generator

  • enhancing S3G2 data generator with a twitter subnetwork structure
    • Orri: take the 1000 most celebrities from DBpedia
    • 12K concept, each with 12K concept weights (matrix)
    • follow parially celebrities, rest from friends
    • Orri to inform by first week of May; Duc/Renzo/Norbert to work on S3G2 together second week of May

  • Linkbench
    • Norbert summarizes the distributions being generated, but there are still questions
    • Now the paper is out, let's study it and discuss it before contacting them next week

interactive workload

  • UPC to provide feedback on the 19 queries
  • fter ths feedback get to a next version of the query set

business intelligence workload

  • Orri provided a first cut at BI queries
  • add dimension tables (datetime, region=geonames, subjects/hashtag?)
    • use DBpedia to create dimensions?

graph analytics workload

  • Peter proposes a GraphLab mission to push the S3G2 data generator to the BSP world
    • try to team up with a BSP group and letthem use S3G2 for testing algorithms
    • present that as a benchmarking platform at GraphLab workshop
  • who do we approach
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