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This page contains information about techniques for substitution parameters selection.

Resources from the Literature

Graph sampling

Multigraph sampling of online social networks. M Gjoka, CT Butts, M Kurant, A Markopoulou (related papers are available in the profile of M. Kurant)

A walk in facebook: Uniform sampling of users in online social networks. Minas Gjoka, Maciej Kurant, Carter T Butts, Athina Markopoulou


Degree correlations in growing networks with deletion of nodes

Activities' Log

2013/10/05 Analysis of the data generated by the SNGenerator (by Orri) (email)(queries)

2013/10/06 More about the interactive workload (by Orri) (email)

2013/10/09 Real interactive (by Orri) (email)



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