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Proposed and discussed during the 2nd LDBC Consortium meeting held the 24-25th of May 2013 in Munich. Verified and approved by the Scientific Director and the Project Coordinators the XXX of XXX.

SIB Generator

3-May-13GITHUB platform and license requirementsUPCVUAlicense? Mozilla?GITHUB has been created. Benchmark has been named SOCIALNET. Dataset generator is DBGEN and query workload generator is QGEN. License agreement and text is still undefined.

Changes to logical schema and distributions to stress choke points in BI queries

TUM  Started discussion at Comments to the SN Schema
8-May-13New logical schema including BI data extensionsVUAALLconcall for a final agreement? involve Irini, the leader of T2.2 "Data Generation"? 
10-May-13SIB generator v1.0 uploaded to GITHUB, with RDF and CSV driversVUAUPCOGL optionally involved in twitter-style relationships 
31-May-13v1.1, with improved attribute and degree distributionsUPCVUAonly if required 

Design Process

17-May-13Graph Model Specification MethodologyVUANEO, UPC, OGL  

SN graph logical model specified and fully documented

14-Jun-13Query Specification MethodologyVUANEO, UPC, OGL  
28-Jun-13On-line workload specified and fully documentedNEOVUAit depends on the final definition of the on-line workload (14/Jun/13) 



Review of the current proposal of the interactive and update query sets.

Proposal of new on-line queries.

-ALLMeeting during week 20-24/May to create a first set. All teams must review it and validate that all expected choke points are supported. 
31-May-13ON-LINE: First set of queries (draft)OGLALL  
14-Jun-13ON-LINE: Final set of queries.OGLALL  
28-Jun-13ON-LINE: workload generator, qualification scale factor and substitution parameters for system validationOGLTUM  
19-Jul-13BI: first set of queries (draft)OGLALLTUM to focus on choke points 

Task Force Deliverable

19-Jul-13First draftUPC previous agreement of contents with Peter and Larri 
31-Jul-13Test systems resultsUPCOGLothers? 
30-Aug-13Final draftUPC   
13-Sep-13ReviewsUPC Peter and Larri as reviewers. Others? 
30-Sep-13Final versionUPC   

D3.3.1 Deliverable

31-May-13Final draftNEO UPC  
14-Jun-13Reviews-?two reviewers? 
28-Jun-13Final versionNEO   

D3.3.2 Deliverable

31-May-13Table of ContentsUPCALLagreed by all partners 
19-Jul-13First draftUPCALL  
30-Aug-13Final draftUPCALL  
13-Sep-13Reviews-?two reviewers? 
30-Sep-13Final versionUPC   
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