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Andrey, Peter, Arnau, Alex, Linnea, Mirko and Duc



  • Alex says that driver is mostly ready.
  • Arnau suggests that .json file with statistics should be cleaned.
  • Arnau has introduced the structure of the specification.
  • There should be information about the distribution and characteristics of the data for the different scale factors.
  • Writing work has been assigned to each member:
    • Arnau: Introduction, Data, Requirements and whole document formating. Data generation instructions
    • Duc: Scale Factors.
    • Andrey: Workload. Benchmark running instructions
    • Alex: Workload. Benchmark running instructions. Validation parameters
    • Orri: Auditing and Disclosure Rules
    • Peter: Executive summary
    • Renzo: Execution rules and Performance metrics
    • Mirko: Validation parameters. Scale factors.
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