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These are the notes for the skype conference call held on Wednesday April 16, 2014, on the progress and activities of the Social Network Benchmark task force (17:00-18:15).



  • Renzo (Talca University); Alex (NEO); Linnea (TUM); Norbert (Sparsity), Arnau (UPC), Duc (VUA)


  • Updated the status of the DBGEN.
    • DBGEN now produces update streams. They are not sorted but this feature will be implemented soon. Meanwhile Alex can sort the streams with an external tool.
    • Agreement on the format of update streams. We use a jason-like syntax for the data.
    • The delta time is tunable. By default is 10ms. This seems to small. Will increase that to 10 seconds.
  • Scale factors:
    • Duc has uploaded a draft to confluence.
    • With the new version of the DBGEN with update streams, scale factors should be reviewed.
    • Mino differences could arise in the near future due to updates to the generator.
    • The DBGEN should accept a scale factor as input, then it is configured automatically using a mapping file.
  • Documentation:
    • Arnau have asked about the format of the final documentation. It seems that there is not a decision. The position of Alex is to write it in plain text, and the dissemination team will put it correctly in a professionally shaped document.
  • Execution rules:
    • Renzo has uploaded a document with execution rules at confluence. Highly influenced by TPC.
  • Traversal queries:
    • Traversal queries Q13 and Q14 are not in its final shape. Further discussion is needed. Arnau will write an email to continue with the discussion.
    • Q13 and Q14 have to be uploaded to confluence.
  • Validation parameters:
    • Alex suggests that the query driver should handle this.
    • It requires the expected results and the query stream from TUM/OGL. Linnea will forward this requirement to Andrey.
  • Benchmark implementation:
    • Alex asks for vendors to implement the benchmark to test the driver. No one is positioned.
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