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These are the notes for the skype conference call held on Thursday March 13, 2014, on the progress and activities of the Social Network Benchmark task force (17:00-18:30).


  • Orri, Mirko (OGL); Andrey,Linnea (TUM); Norbert, Arnau (UPC), Peter,Duc (VUA)


Follow up of the tasks in April's roadmap:

    • TG3, TG4: Flashmob post generation is finished (not yet validated)
    • TG6: Metadata for the workload generator. Finally this task is not required because the workload generators will use their own metadata and setup files
    • TG9: Arnau will guarantee that the generator is deterministic regardless the number of nodes, the platform or the operating system
    • TG8: new IDs with URIs, still pending
    • TG10: Facebook like degree distribution, will be implemented by Duc
    • Orri asks for a merge of the Post and Comment entities. Finally we decide to keep two separate entities, but Comment will have Tags and with a single domain of URIs for Post and Comments (the Post URIs and the Comments URIs will be two disjoint sets)
  • QGEN
    • TQ1: Scale factors are not yet defined because they depend on the new distributions
    • TQ2.1: Interactive workload, the first 12 queries are tested in SQL and SPARQL and almost finished. Orri is working on the proposal for a new query more "graphy" with a Shortest Path
    • TQ3: SNB interactive mix ratios, also depends on the new DBGEN
    • TQ4: Update driver: postponed until Alex comes back from his holidays
    • TQ5: Execution rules and metrics: postponed until Renzo comes back from his holidays

    • TQ6: Substitution parameters: Andrey has made some mining on current data. With the new DBGEN he will finish the analysis and propose the parameters
    • TQ11: BIBM driver: Mirko will work on this
    • Alex is on holidays, postponed for the next meeting

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