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These are the notes for the skype conference call held on Thursday January 9, 2014, on the progress and activities of the Social Network Benchmark task force (17:00-18:30).


  • Renzo (Talca University); Orri,Mirko (OGL); Alex (NEO); Andrey,Linnea (TUM); Norbert, Larri, Arnau (UPC), Peter,Duc (VUA)


  • SNB calls are resumed after the review!
    • The meetings will for the time being be moved to this timeslot, which alo better suits Renzo, who from now on works from Chile. Next meeting we hope people from Franc Inc (Jans Aasman) to join the call.
    • New in the call are Linnea (PhD student at TUM) and Duc (not new, but he moved from CWI to VUA) to work on LDBC.
  • Peter admin stuff:
    • to contact Luis Ceze to check on the graphbench,org progress with the SNB data generator.
    • the SIGMOD programming contest is interested in working with the SNB data generator.
  • Norbert will prepare a roadmap leading towards the plenary meeting in April 2014:
    • ALL: read the documentation on github and provide suggestions
    • Peter: explanatory presentation (webinar) on the SNB data generator and query workloads 
    • Alex,Arnaud,Duc,Renzo: improve the documentation on github
    • Arnaud: to implement changes to the data generator (temporal message topic skew) and quantization of country info (along the line of his Nov27 LDBC mailing list post)
    • Andrey,Alex,Linnea: to work on the transactional workload player.
    • Duc: to provide support in change requests for the generator.
    • Peter,Renzo,Norbert,Larri,Andrey,Linnea,Orri: write a VLDB Industrial paper before March 31. Introduction should highlight the unique properties of the social network benchmark (multi-workload, correlations, parameter mining)
    • Andrey,Duc,Renzo,Peter: to work on the paper on parameter mining. 

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