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These are the notes for the skype conference call held on Wednesday October 23 2013, on the progress and activities of the Social Network Benchmark task force (10:00-11:00).


  • Renzo (VUA); Orri,Mirko (OGL); Alex (NEO); Andrey (TUM); Norbert, Larri, Arnau (UPC)


  • Dataset generator:
    • we are not sure if it is deterministic or not, and this is important for the benchmark validation. Some configurations or parameters that could affect are Hadoop and the hash keys for sets
    • UPC will validate if the generator is deterministic
    • OGL and UPC will use the same dataset for validation purposes
    • UPC will validate if the RDF and CSV datasets contain exactly the same data
  • Interactive query set
    • 44 tickets open in JIRA during the last two weeks
    • 8 still open
    • OGL and UPC will coordinate to validate the queries and the results
  • Task Force report
    • the draft is almost finished
    • some contributions have been requested to UPC, OGL and NEO
  • Transactions
    • Orri remembers that the current interactive query set is read only. He suggest to start the work on update queries and transactions.

Next concall will be scheduled after the 3rd TUC meeting in London.



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