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These are the notes for the skype conference call held on Wednesday September 18 2013, on the progress and activities of the Social Network Benchmark task force (10:00-11:00).


  • Peter, Renzo (VUA); Orri,Mirko (OGL); Alex (NEO); Andrey (TUM); Norbert (UPC)


  • Deliverables
    • D2.2.2
      • Renzo and Xavi have provided to Irini all the information requested. It seems that no more explanations are necessary.
      • Norbert suggested to Irini to add the Statistics Report to the deliverable (dataset 100k users for 1 year). The report has been added to the deliverable, but Norbert has to document during this week the meaning of the statistics and  which figures are the most significant.
    • D3.3.2
      • First draft has been uploaded to Confluence
      • The reviewers are Peter and Thomas, but Norbert remembers that perhaps it was Irini who proposed herself to review the deliverable instead of Thomas. He will clarify this with her (later Irini has confirmed this, and Norbert has changed the reviewers assignment)
      • Norbert will send a plain ascii version to Orri (generated with the DETEX tool)
    • Task force report
      • Norbert will work on this once finished D3.3.2
    • GraphLab summary
      • Alex will write a short description of the workshop scope, attendants and reactions to our benchmark proposal. Peter needs it before Friday.
  • LDBC DBGEN license
    • Norbert explains that the current version of DBGEN has a double GPL license: one for LDBC and the original one from OpenLink
    • It is not clear why there is this OpenLink license, and the decision is to remove it and to set copyrights only by CWI, UPC and VUA, the three teams that have made contributions to the software
    • Xavi will prepare a table with the participants in each source code module. After a review by all the Task Force, he will replace the copyrights.
  • Interactive workload
    • Current versions of Q2 and Q9 will be replaced by Mriko today, to guarantee that they are more suitable for an interactive workload
    • Mirko will document the relevance of Q2, Q5, Q6, Q8 and Q9, including the choke point coverage
    • Orri will provide a short description of each choke point that has not been documented previously in the TPCTC paper. These are [1.5:1.7], [2.5:2.7], [3.4:3.5], [7.1:7.3]

Next concall is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd.


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