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These are the notes for the skype conference call held on Wednesday September 4 2013, on the progress and activities of the Social Network Benchmark task force (10:00-11:00).


  • Peter, Renzo, Duc (VUA); Orri,Mirko (OGL); Alex (NEO); Andrey (TUM); Irini (FORTH); Larri, Norbert (UPC)


  • Roadmap:
    • September is the last month of the 1st year of the project. Peter remarks that the priority are the deliverables.
  • Deliverables:
    • D2.2.2
      • Irini says that she has received from Renzo all the information and links to the dataset generator.
      • The first draft will be available at the end of the weekend.
      • Peter suggest to add extra information from the TPCTC 2012 paper, to describe better the dataset generator
      • Irini will send feedback next week if she requires more detailed information from Norbert and Renzo
    • D3.2.2
      • Section 2 (Graph infrastructure) will be finished by Norbert during the next week
      • Section 3 (Choke points) is based on the mails from Orri. Alex points that this section requires a major review. Orri will update and reformat the current version in SVN during this week,  and then Alex will review it and will send his comments (if necessary)
      • Section 4 (Query expression in benchmarks) has now some content and examples. It will be finished by Renzo and Alex during this week
      • During the next week, and once all sections are finished, Norbert will write the Abstract, Executive Summary and Conclusions
      • External review will start the 16th. Norbert will look for two reviewers from groups not involved in the deliverable, such as ONTO or UIBK.
  • Task Force Report
    • It was expected for M11 but it is not a deliverable of the first year. Peter says that the priority are the deliverables, and after this report should be done ASAP (end of October is the limit)
    • Norbert will work based on Barry's template. This template has not been approved but it will be used as the basis of the draft.
    • Norbert says that main sections of the report will come from existing documentation in Confluence
  • Queries
    • Q2 and Q9 are still missing, Mirko agrees to have them written in one or two days.
    • The workload generator is currently based in BSBM. The SIB benchmark is added as a new benchmark over the existing ones.
  • Substitution parameters
    • Orri has some concerns about data distributions and the substitution parameters, as he has pointed in several mails. Peter proposes to discuss this in a meeting after this concall.
    • Peter suggests that the first version of the benchmarks can be executed with parameters that are not the final ones.
    • Orri confirms to Norbert that the JSON interface between the dataset generator and the workload generator is being used to compute the substitution parameters.
  • Dataset generator
    • Peter asks if someone has feedback on the usage of the dataset generator. Alex says that people in Intel have started to work with it.
  • Benchmark results
    • Norbert informs that a preliminary version of the 10 available queries are running with the DEX driver for BSBM. Orri says that it is not going to take too much time to have it running in Virtuoso.
    • Peter says that the benchmark results will be published in the Task Force Report, and they also have lower priority than deliverables.
    • Alex points that we still need some way to validate the results. Orri informs that BSBM has options to check the outputs of the queries. The final decision is to choose a small validation dataset (based on a fixed scale factor) and a set of validation parameters once the queries have been finally designed.




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